Penalty Shoot Out Bet Casino Game

Do you enjoy playing soccer? Do you have a reputation for being the terror of your foes? Perhaps you’re a huge fan of your favorite football team. In any case, Penalty Shoot Out game will be enjoyed by both sports fans and non-fans.

Short Review

The game will amaze you with its vibrant animation, easy controls, and user-friendly interface, as well as thrill you with its quick action.

🎮Provider Evoplay
📅Release Date 27.05.2020
🍒Features The choosing or changing of design
🎯RTP 96%
📲Mobile Yes
⚙️Technology JS, HTML5
🏆Max Win x30.00
💰Min bet 0.1
🤑Max bet 1000
⚽Theme Sport, Football
🕹️Demo Version Yes

Play Penalty Shoot Out Demo

Penalty Shoot Out is an exhilarating casino game based on football that offers players the chance to win big rewards. To get started, simply choose a team from the 24 European countries offered and then it’s time for you to prove yourself at 11-meters. Place your bet between $0.1 up to $500 per round and aim high – this could be your winning kick. With stunning graphics, animations and sound effects, this slot game takes you to a real football arena. Plus, if you want to test your skills first before betting real money, there is an option for a free demo mode.

Players are graced with up to five attempts per round and have the option of choosing from any of the five available spots or going for a shot in the dark when they hit ‘Random’. Each successful strike awards them some cash, and as your tally increases, so does your prize. Once you make a goal, you may choose to continue playing or collect your winnings by clicking on ‘Collect.’ Unfortunately though, if the goalkeeper swats away the ball – ouch! Everything is lost would be too harsh; better luck next time.

The Features of Penalty Shoot Out Casino slot

  • Soccer theme with 24 national teams
  • Beautiful graphics and user-friendly interface
  • The presence of an adapted mobile version of the gaming machine
  • The possibility of automatic games
  • The variability of the form of the goalkeeper
  • The presence of history of penalties.

Step up to the penalty spot and take your shot at striking it rich with Evoplay’s Penalty Shoot Out, an electrifying casino game based on the thrilling sport of soccer. Test your aim against a skilled goalkeeper for the chance to win amazing rewards! The rules of the game are simple and straightforward. You must pick a country for which you will play, make a wager, and start playing. You may choose between shooting within the goalposts or trusting luck to send the ball into the net and gain bonuses. Each goal scored grants you a bonus, while winning the entire penalty shootout gives you a super bonus.

About penalty betting game

The penalty shoot-out is a fast-paced gaming mini-game in which you must beat the goalkeeper, score a penalty shootout, and win the prize! The game’s rules are easy to grasp. You must Choose a country for which you will play, wager money on it, and begin playing. You can pick eithera precise spot between the goalposts or trust your luck to send the ball into the goal and earn perks depending on your preference.

The game will surprise you with vivid animation, easy controls, and a user-friendly dashboard, as well as amuse you with its rapid pace.

Main information

  • Mobile + desktop – Yes
  • Mobile vertical – Yes
  • Min bet (EUR) – 1
  • Max bet (EUR) – 75
  • Max bet (EUR) – 2304

Rules Penalty Shootout Casino Game

Rules Penalty Shoot-out is a thrilling game, requiring quick reflexes and clever tactics. To excel in this game, take your time when shooting to precisely aim at the intended spot whilst positioning the ball correctly – shoot for one of the goal’s corners. If you execute your strategy well enough, winning Penalty Shoot-out will be effortless.

Good planning and a strategic approach are the key to success in the game of Penalty Shoot-out. When playing Penalty Shoot-out, think carefully about how to outsmart the goalkeeper and score as many goals as possible. Anticipate his movements and reactions and use that knowledge as a tool for your victory. Penalty Shoot-out is an exciting game that will test your agility, speed and strategy.

Evoplay has taken playtime to new heights with Penalty Shoot-Out, an incredibly immersive game that lets you experience all the thrills of a popular sporting event from your own home.

On display, prepare to be visually stunned. A grid of 6×6 will showcase the flags from different countries and you must select your team’s flag before affirming it. Once confirmed, a second screen awaits with its own visual pleasure featuring a goalkeeper and ball for your viewing.

To begin, decide on a bet with the command bar at the bottom of your display. Stake anywhere between 1 to 500 coins and hit play when you’re ready! The goal post will reveal 5 sections for you to choose from; pick one manually or leave it up to luck by clicking random. If the goalie fails to catch the ball, then congratulations –you just won yourself a multiplier! On that note, if he succeeds in catching it then unfortunately this was not your lucky chance – restart and try again.

How to play Penalty Shootout Bet Game

In Penalty Shootout, players control a virtual soccer player who must line up for a penalty kick while the computer manages the goalkeeper. Players wager on a location and push the “KICK” button to let it fly. The chance of whether or not the ball goes into the net successfully is completely in the hands of chance alone.

Penalty shoot-out bet game by evoplay.

penalty shoot out

The game is designed like a slot machine, with pre-determined probabilities and a random number generator determining the result. The odds vary depending on where you aim the ball, as well as the payouts.

Penalty Shoot out Casino Game Strategy

There isn’t much strategy in a simple arcade game like Penalty Shootout. You have five bets to pick from, and it’s basically a guessing game since you’re aiming to score a goal against the odds.

Penalty Shoot-out is a test of strategy and skill. By taking your time to aim precisely, you can place the ball in such a way that it will be more difficult for the goalkeeper to block. To increase your odds at scoring, target one of the goal’s corners. Strategize ahead by anticipating what moves the keeper may make.

Understand the Probabilities of the Game

The only thing you can do is grasp the odds for each of the available bets. The probability of scoring a goal, as well as the premium and vig (the amount wagered minus eventual winnings), is listed in the table below:

Upper Left 8.1% 12 to 1 97.2%
Upper Right 8.1% 12 to 1 97.2%
Top 19.2% 5 to 1 96.0%
Lower Left 32.3% 3 to 1 96.9%
Lower Right 32.3% 3 to 1 96.9%

The lowest paying wagers on the top corners, which pay out at 12 to 1, have the highest risk of winning. However, these locations only succeed 8.1 percent of the time. The house advantage on these bets is also the greatest in the game, at 97.2%.

The difference in house edge between the tough Upper corner bets and the much easier scored Lower corner bets is insignificant. When betting on either of the Lower Left or Lower Right options, you’ll score a goal 32.3 percent of the time.

Finally, in the Middle bet, you’ll win a goal 19.2 percent of the time. With a house edge of 96 percent, this wager is the most conservative in Penalty Shootout.

Penalty shoot out casino.

penalty shoot


In Penalty Shoot-Out, there are no paylines – just goal positions that can give you the chance to pocket a reward! Strike your shot past the keeper and score yourself a payout.

To maximize your payout, you must get the opposing team’s end on the multiplier meter. The final stage of this game promises a rewarding prize of up to 30.72x your original bet.

Track your progress with the meter above the goal and identify possible rewards. The winning multiplier begins at 1.92x for the first goal and increases by 2x every time you make a successful shot, granting lucrative prizes:

  • 1st goal – 1.92x the stake.
  • 2nd goal – 3.84x the stake.
  • 3rd goal – 7.68x the stake.
  • 4th goal – 15.36x the stake.
  • 5th goal – 30.72x the stake.

Bonus game and freespins

Penalty Shoot-Out is a classic instant game that offers players an exciting and fast-paced gaming experience. With no bonus features like free spins, the draw of this popular game lies in its most beloved sport – soccer! As well as providing lots of fun, Penalty Shoot-Out also promises potential high winnings for those lucky enough to score.

When you place a bet, the Collect button is always available and allows you to add any accumulated amount to your account balance. This feature somewhat resembles early cash-out functions from online sportsbooks, enabling players to minimize their losses. They can either complete all five shots cycle or collect their winnings after each goal they score.

When betting on a round, your stake can be magnified to 1.92x for one successful goal, 3.84x for two successes, 7.68x for three achievements, 15.64x if you hit four goals–or an incredible 30.72 times if you manage the grand slam of five in-play targets! For instance; investing $500 could net up to $15360 should the goalkeeper not stand in your way! After each span players are free to modify their bet amounts at their discretion – though they must remember that any losses incurred will include forfeiting both previous won profits and original outlay too.

Feeling unlucky with your current national team? Not to worry! Simply press the button featuring two crossed flags, and you can switch to one of 24 different teams. Alternatively, click on the Random ball, which will randomly select a spot within the football gate for you – adding an element of surprise. With Penalty Shoot-Out’s various options available at your disposal, all that is left is for you to have some fun playing.

Penalty Shoot-Out Payment Terms

Customers can choose how much to stake by selecting the amount they would like to place on a game before the start of the match. Penalty Shoot-Out also offers customers the option of placing bets in advance for matches that are scheduled to take place in the future. Penalty Shoot-Out also offers customers the ability to place a variety of different types of bets.

At Penalty Shoot-Out, we are devoted to offering our customers the highest caliber of betting experience online. We understand that security and safety is paramount in this industry, so we have gone above and beyond to protect your data while you place bets. Furthermore, there are a multitude of payment methods available for our clients so they can select a method that best suits their personal needs with ease.


Penalty Shootout is a fun, fast-paced game that’s easy to pick up and play. While there’s not much strategy involved, it’s still important to understand the different bets and their corresponding payouts and probabilities. With a bit of practice, you can learn to maximize your chances of winning and walk away with a healthy profit.


What is a penalty in a game?

The term penalty kick - is a generic name for a single shot at goal by a player from the opposing team's keeper that results in the ball being sent into the goal. In association football, after an unsuccessful attempt to score, play is restarted by means of a penalty kick (often known as a spot kick).

How do you play the penalty game?

The penalty taker must be identified. The goalkeeper who is defending the goal line, facing the kicker, between the goalposts, without touching the goal posts, crossbar or goal net until the ball has been kicked.

Is a penalty a game of luck?

Taking penalties I feel is 90% expertise and 10% chance. With practice, excellent penalty takers improve dramatically and are only occasionally out of luck. That's why a good penalty taker seldom misses one.

What does penalty mean in football?

In gridiron football, a penalty is a punishment meted out to a team for breaking the rules, such as a foul. Officials utilize bright yellow (American football) or orange (Canadian football) colored penalty flags to signal penalties toward or at the site of a foul.

What payment methods does Penalty Shoot-Out accept?

Penalty Shoot-Out accepts credit cards, debit cards and online payment services such as PayPal.

Is Penalty Shoot-Out secure when it comes to payments?

Absolutely! Penalty Shoot-Out uses multiple levels of security for customers who use their online payment system, ensuring that all transactions made through Penalty Shoot-Out are safe and secure.

Are there different types of bets available?

Yes, Penalty Shoot-Out also offers customers the ability to place a variety of different types of bets. Furthermore, customers can choose how much to stake by selecting the amount they would like to place on a game before the start of the match. Penalty Shoot-Out also offers customers the option of placing bets in advance for matches that are scheduled to take place in the future.

Is Penalty Shoot-Out available 24/7?

Yes, Penalty Shoot-Out payment quickly, conveniently and securely processes payments 24/7. Our knowledgeable customer support team is here to resolve any questions or concerns relating to the payment process - ensuring our customers have a secure online experience.

How do I win Penalty Shoot-out?

To win Penalty Shoot-out it is important to have an effective strategy. Anticipate the goalkeeper's movements and reactions and use that knowledge as a tool for your victory. Aim precisely and target one of the goal's corners to increase your chances at scoring. In order to win at Penalty Shoot Out, you will need to accurately predict which spot the goalkeeper is going to defend. You can also place larger bets in order to increase your potential winnings.

Can I play Penalty Shoot Out for free?

Yes, there is an option for a free demo mode where you can test your skills before placing real money bets.

Are there any special features in the game?

Yes, one of the main features of this slot game is that it has 24 national teams and five available spots. There is also an automatic game mode and a history of penalties feature.

Is Penalty Shoot-Out a high variance game?

No, it is a medium variance game with payout opportunities after each successful shot.

Are there any bonus features in Penalty Shoot Out?

Unfortunately not – however, the risk game increases the potential for rewards after each successful goal.

Does Penalty Shoot-Out require any special skills?

Not necessarily – luck is the biggest factor in this game. That being said, having a good understanding of how each part of the game works may increase your chances for success.